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[accordion-item title=”How to get job in MERA LLC?”]

You can fill out and send us the job application for your desired position according to job vacancy. If you find the position that you are interested in, just go ahead and click

here for downloading or you can visit to our office for the application and send the required materials including job application that you filled out before the deadline on vacancy advertisement.

[accordion-item title=”Do you accept the amateur candidates’ application or do you require only occupational people according to the vacancy advertisement?”]

Candidates may send application to us for whatever position they want, but those who could express their skills and experiences on the position will have more advantages and possibility to be chosen.

[accordion-item title=”Do you have online application?”]

Yes, we do. You can visit to our company site and fill the application on the application section or you can send your CV to



[accordion-item title=”What kind of materials should be prepared for the first interview?”]

All what you have to bring when you come to job primary interview is your photo, ID card, copy of your graduation diploma and the application for desired position.

[accordion-item title=”Do you hire people who haven’t gained any particular profession yet?”]

Still you can send us your CV. We welcome your application no matter even if you are not experienced well yet on your desired position. While we are learning about you we assess candidates based on the application that he or she had sent us and regarding your experience we decide if we have the kind job to offer for you.

[accordion-item title=”Is this possible to receive the new information of your coming requirements?”]

Only those who were selected based on the applications will be invited for the primary interview. Time slot and the venue for the interview will be informed to you on phone or by mail.

[accordion-item title=”if the candidate change the mind, are his application and other materials given back to him?”]

Applications and other materials for the job interview are not given back to candidates.

[accordion-item title=”Do you keep the personal information in secure?”]

We keep candidates’ information in secure and archive, therefore you can be satisfied with this issue.