HR policy.


MERA LLC is a national company that does blasting-drilling services in the mining sector. It was founded on 3rd of January 2001 and since then it had been improving, expanding business operations constantly and it had been chosen as one of the “TOP-100” company’s consecutively thus being one of the best companies. To read our philosophy click here.

One of the most important factors that define company’s business success is human resource. With the HR policy we tend to “make long-term business success combining efficient team work based on occupation, skill of every employee and modern HR management techniques” and by doing this we make good conditions for employees to work and study, make knowledge and actively support their development.

Our company employees will have the following employee benefits.

  • Personal development program
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Benefits, aid package
  • Soft loan. /Will take soft loan for housing, automobile, family need/
  • Other benefits


By being an employee of our company and joining our team you will:

1.Ensure you future by being a member of a respectful national developing company,
2.Establish your future value in expanding mining sector,
3.Balanced increasing salary and benefits,
4.Honest assessment, be a leader in your own life
5.Friendly community, good working place,
6.Improve your knowledge, skills and have an opportunity to develop yourself.