Blasting services

Our experienced teams offer reliable and professional services based on blasting operations calculations and assessment plans by utilizing advanced tools and equipment and comprehensive software systems, including:
• Controlled delay of each blast hole and charges,
• Air bag stemming,
• Separation of charges,
• Remote controlled firing device and etc.
In order to meet our clients’ needs and requirements, our blasting teams incorporate broad utilization of cutting-edge blasting technologies with execution of safe blasting operations in all types of environment such as dry, wet, hard rocky ground and even the most limited conditions.

We produce and supply bulk explosives of “Nitronit” brand E-100, E-70, E-50 and E-20 from our own plant, according to orders and specifications provided by our customers, and the geological features and conditions of the mine sites.
We assist our clients in achieving higher productivity at low cost, minimizing their operational costs and saving pre-blasting work time by reducing the packaging cost through a fully mechanized loading process.