Awarded by State and Government Honor.


On occasion of the 2224th anniversary of the Mongolian First Statehood, the 809th anniversary of the establishment of the Great Mongol Empire and the 94th anniversary of the People’s Revolution, and the Naadam Festivity, President of Mongolia issued decrees to award many leaders determined by their mastership, skill, and experience in their related field. One of them was Mr. Ganbaatar. J, an employee of the MERA LLC.

For his many years of consistent and efficient service, and high contribution to the development of mining sector, Ganbaatar.J, chairman of Tavan Tolgoi branch of MERA LLC, received an award of State Honorary Medallion “Altangadas”.
We wish Ganbaatar.J, who is awarded by State and Government Honors, all the health, happiness, and success in his career.