Environmental policy

MERA-13 - Copy

In accordance with environmental law, regulations and standards, we will shift our attention constantly to have stable and healthy environment by preventing from possible risks, decreasing wastes and pollution, and complying the best control system with environment beneficial technique and technology. The environmental policy will be transparent to all our customers and employees and we will work enthusiastically to improve our employees’ skill and knowledge and support their ambition.

We will conduct the management system to determine the environmental issues within our operation and decrease environmental adverse impacts.

To implement the environmental policy, we have specified following goals:
1. We will perform our operation within the framework of all Mongolian law, legislations and standards.
2. We will conduct the environmental management system with conformation of MNS ISO 14001:2005 standard and will provide the continuous improvement.
3. Within the operation, we will determine the environmental issues, prevent from pollution and possible risks and decrease the waste.
4. We will control all the environmental adverse impacts possibly rising from production, storage, transportation, usage and disposition of products and all following information will be provided to customers and clients.
5. We will have thrift usage of secondary raw materials came up from production and support the recirculation and proper usage of them.
6. We will organize notional activities and marches intended to become “Nature-oriented community”, including advertisement and courses to improve all our employees’ environmental protection knowledge and consciousness.
7. Our environmental policy and activities will be publicly transparent to participants, clients and customers.
8. We are eager to be part of all activities to protect environment that local citizens, entities and government agencies are mutually organizing.