ANFO Plant

Commissioned in 2006, the plant is the first explosives facility totally invested by national investment and is located in Nalaikh district of Ulaanbaatar. The T11 plant complex includes a complete ANFO production line and ANFO charging trucks for loading blastholes made in the USA, as well as other equipments. It is a modern facility equipped with automated operation systems for manufacturing and encompasses a laboratory for quality control.
Three kinds of ANFO are produced: normal “Ayanga”, powered “Ayanga-P”. Types of explosives depend on the strength properties of the in-situ rock mass and blast hole attribute. Explosives are packed in double-layer 25kg bags of which inner and outer layers are made of polyethylene and polypropylene respectively. Shot ANFO is put into waterproof bags with diameters of 76mm, 101mm and 127mm for wet blast holes.