Emulsion explosives plant.

In 2011, we established an emulsion plant of Australian technique and Australian-Russian joint technology which has been designed especially for Siberian condition at Ukhaa Hudag mine of Tavan Tolgoi coking coal deposit on the territory of Tsogt tsetsii soum, Umnugobi aimag. The manufacturing consist of two components namely Non-blasting ingredients (raw material) plant and Emulsion mixer trucks. The trucks carry the manufactured ingredients in separate tanks, and mix the ingredients as explosives when loading and such as ensures safety during transportation and loading process. The technology is automated therefore minimizes manual work, has the minimum effect on the environment. Quality and ingredients of the raw material are also tested in the modern laboratory. This enables the product to be defect free and be manufactured in varieties to meet the clients’ specific needs. The plant’s technique and technology are safe reliable and selected for meeting the international standards of emulsion explosives manufacturing.