Implemented the Business process re-engineering project


Started from 2nd June, MERA LLC jointly with “Project Management Development Institute” had implemented the 6 month project named “Business process re-engineering and its management factors’ improvement” successfully.
Within the scope of project, the project team of 12 employees from MERA LLC had draught the long term strategy and mid and short term development programs of company. The team work was led by Javkhlantugs.G, Business Development Director and Unurjargal.Ts, National consultant, Head of “Project Management Development Institute”.
The training was included following 10 contents:

1. Modern theory and trend of Management and Productivity
2. Methods for management potential defining
3. Research methods for macro and micro environment of company
4. Investigation, proof and solution for company’s current situation
5. Life circle management
6. Competitive Intelligence and Marketing
7. Three dimensions, five phases and ten managements of working
8. Long, mid and short term planning and project
9. Balance score card and strategy map
10. Self-development and real virtual ability

“Project Management Development Institute” issued the Certificate for all attendees who has been participating successfully to this 6 month project.