MERA LLC had received the verification Certificates for OHSAS:18001 and ISO:14001 standards utilization


In February 2012, MERA LLC started utilizing the Occupational Health and Safety Management system and Environmental Management system, in accordance with MNS OHSAS 18001:2012 and MNSISO 14001:2005 standards and got verified the achievement after 3 years of effort.
The external audit was made by “Safety first Consulting & Service” LLC, which is accredited by “LL-C” verification organization of Czech Republic.
We have been continuously getting improved since 2010, when we first utilized the Quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 international standard within the scope of blasting service and manufacturing of explosives and got verified by Mongolian Agency of Standardization and Metrology.
Refer to utilizing The International Quality Management systems, increases the value of multilateral importance such as ensuring our customers with quality products and services constantly, continuously improving the company’s activities, growing our competitiveness and capacity, and improving operational planning, implementation, and performance monitoring.
Utilizing the standards we had determined the policies of quality, health, safety and environment. Principles of OSH declared that specially the “Work safe and right” for each employee continuing to build and allow to have right to refuse the work, which does not meet the safety and promote for reporting incidents instead of blaming.

We also identify potential hazards in the workplace, assess the risks, implement measures to avoid the risk of workplace and the risks are regularly monitored.
Utilizing the Environmental management system defines both positive and negative impacts on the environment, and they are regularly monitored and reduced by managing the potential risks associated with structured and improve its overall performance.
We also consider that by utilizing any organization’s management system has been introducing these three standards as 3 stones means, implementing the standards of social responsibilities.
This achievement is the result of every employee and units’ efforts and labor.
We highly appreciate our valuable customers, partners and every employee of the company to the implementation of standards to our operations and activities. We are specially thankful for the some governmental organizations such as the Minister of Mining, the Ministry of Environment and Green Development, the Mongolian Agency of Standardization and Metrology, the General Agency for Specialized and Investigation, the National Emergency Management Agency, the School of Geology and Mining Engineering of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Ulaanbaatar city General Agency for Specialized and Investigation, Nalaikh District General Agency for Specialized and Investigation, Khovd province General Agency for Specialized and Investigation, Umnugovi province General Agency for Specialized and Investigation, Occupational Health Research Center, Institute of Chemistry, the other companies such as “Energy Resource” LLC, “Khishig arvin industrial”, “MNO” LLC, “Erdenet Mining Corporation” LLC, “Unurbayan Khairkhan” LLC, “Moodnuus” LLC.