MERA LLC has started drilling service at “Shivee-Ovoo” JSC’s coal mine.


“Shivee-Ovoo”’s coal mine is located in the territory of Shiveegobi soum of Govisumber province, which is south east part of Mongolia 264 km away from Ulaanbaatar city.
In 1990, the Design Institute of Ministry of Energy and Mining had made design and graphics for Shivee-Ovoo’s coal mine to produce 500.000 tons of coal per year.

“Shivee Ovoo” coal mine construction work was completed and on December 23, 1991 and they started to sell coal for the first time.

By the shareholders meeting on September 12, 1995, “Shivee Ovoo” JSC was organized into state-owned mine. The 90% of the company charter stayed as state-owned, and the remaining 10% have been privatized in 3300 shareholders.

The scope of developing the coal industry called “Master Plan”, the mining equipment and technology upgrade project began in 1998 under the loan from the Japanese government and by the September 2001, 4.6 million cubic meter of burden were removed and the capacity was 2.0 million tons of coal production indeed.

In recent years, the coal production and its sales, overburden stripping has been increased steadily and it has been strengthening the domestic market continuously. According to 2012 company statistics, the company covered the 30.0% of domestic coal demand and 50.0% of the “Thermal power station – 4“’s needs.

In November 2015, MERA LLC had made an Agreement with Shivee-Ovoo JSC for drilling service at their coal mine.