Gantumur.T, Founder of MERA LLC


Every organization and society is built and comprised of people. And people’s actions are shaping and defining  our world, societies, and surrounding environment. Therefore, in this time of that the whole world is giving huge  emphasis on climate change and green growth and integrating their policies towards sustainability, we MERA  LLC, is also joining and embracing the approach by reviewing our vision and policies and redefining our  approach as human-centered which highlights our purpose towards wellness of the people, society, and the  environment and sustainability, and pursuing our desire to make positive and valuable contribution in the efforts  to promote our economic development and boost and strengthen our national competitiveness.

Since our establishment, we have strongly pursued and successfully implemented our fundamental principles  of being fair, open, ethical and transparent and making continuous improvements and renovations and  achieved our goals to become a leading introducor of international level-advanced technologies and standards and to deliver high quality, credible and reliable products and services to our customers. This way, as a result of our diligent cooperative efforts made together with our employees and partners, today we have already built our reputation and strengthened our positions in the market of our core business sectors.

Having set our goals towards complete accomplishment of principles and practices of good governance, social responsibility and international standards, currently we are working hard to further improve our integrated corporate management systems and enhance optimization of our decision making and business activities by aligning with the latest changes in global development approaches and market situations in faster and more sensible, realistic and practical way.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our employees and our dear customers and esteemed partners who have all supported our business activities, cooperated with us and built our successes together. We wish all of you a good health, wisdom, happiness as well as great success and prosperity.


President of MERA LLC