Our purpose is to be appreciated by our stakeholders by conducting our business in a way that embraces high ethical standards and ensures sustainable development while constantly enhancing our value (to customers) and productivity.


We pursue following core values all the time as a basis in every conduct of ours:

1. Safety
2. Responsibility
3. Competitive capability
4. Quality
5. Continuous innovation


We pursue following principles as priority in our daily work. We:
1. Put health and safety as a top priority in our operations.
2. Ensure that any negative impacts to environment related to our businesses are minimized.
3. Make progresses step by step upon assessing the potential risks all the time.
4. Always pursue an open, realistic, transparent and comprehensive approach.
5. Are responsive and responsible for everything in a prompt and positive manner.
6. Intend for each action of ours to be effective and efficient simultaneously.
7. Continuously improve our business processes and activities through constant simplification and standardization.
8. Strongly encourage new and rational ideas and initiatives.
9. Respect interests of and engage with our stakeholders, and develop fair and mutually beneficial relations with our business partners.
10. Aim to be appreciated by our clients, customers and partners, and respected by our competitors.
We are successful when:
 Our people start each day with optimal purposes and end the day with accomplishment.
 Our clients, customers, suppliers and partners value their relationships with us.
 Our operational disciplines and financial strength ensure our future growth and sustainability.
 Our investments are effective and efficient with high returns and generate high returns.