What are the requirements for a purchase of explosives?

Following documents required for purchase of explosives from our company:

1.Permit to conduct explosives and blasting operation

2.Supervision sheet of explosives material usage

3.License to accept explosive materials

Do you deliver or transport explosives?

Explosive materials are transported and delivered in timely manner with utilization of specially-equipped vehicles and guarded by Internal Troop Division.

Does MERA execute structural, demolition blasting within a commercial area?

Our engineers must assess the demolition blasting area.

Do you blast for gravel preparation?


What are some prerequisites for a blasting operation?

Approved mining plan from the regulatory bodies, pronouncement from local authorities are some of the mandatory items before requesting a blasting service.

We are independent blasting service, how can we cooperate with MERA? 

MERA offers price negotiation, reliable delivery for sales of blasting materials, explosives and blast hole drilling service.

What are capacities of your drill rigs?

The daily average production of our drill rig capacities as follows:

  • Atlas Copco DМ -45 (300-500 L/м)
  • Furukawa Rock Drill HCR 1500-ED (250-500 L/м)
  • Furukawa Rock Drill PCR-DTH (200-300 L/м).

What does MERA mean?

MERA stand for Mining Engineering Revolution and Achievement. The philosophy of MERA is that we will be innovative and revolutionary in mining engineering in terms of technology and service, and achieve to be successful.

What is the on-site work duration for MERA employees? 

MERA LLC employees are scheduled to work 14 days on-site and 14 days off duty. Addition to the base salary, travel expenses such as food, housing and per-diem is allocated to the employee.

What is the differentiation of MERA?

We are the sole domestic provider of comprehensive services of drilling, blasting and explosives manufacturing. We are operating in the industry for twelve consecutive years utilizing cutting edge technology, software, expertise of experienced professional work force.

Is MERA a foreign company?

MERA LLC is 100% Mongolian domestically invested company which is subsidiary of Ochir-Undraa Group. Success of our company is a result of hard work of Mongolian people, foreign and domestically educated professionals and our distinguished management team.