The “Sports tournament 2016” was held.


The Annual sports event of Ochir Undraa group was held successfully within 27-30th October this year, including basketball, volleyball, table tennis, chess and darts match and MERA LLC took second place by total score in this competitive event. Following is the single scores for the team and players of MERA LLC:

  • Management team jointly with Auto section – Gold medal of Men’s volleyball tournament
  • Drilling team – Bronze medal for Men’s volleyball tournament
  • Drilling team – Gold medal for Men’s basketball tournament
  • Amartuvshin .N from Drilling team – The best basketball player
  • Iderzorig .T, auto mechanic – Silver medal for Men’s table tennis match
  • Chinzorig .S, transportation specialist – Bronze medal for Men’s darts match
  • Mandukahi .S, trade specialist – Silver medal for Women’s darts match.

Congratulations and big appreciation to all 19 teams and over 200 players from 13 companies and commission members who had organized this event much interesting and competitive.