We, “MERA” LLC celebrated the NEW YEAR event.


“MERA” LLC has celebrated “New Year Event” on the 26th of December, 2015 in the “Grand Hill” restaurant successfully and with full of memory.
In 2015, the following employees awarded governmental and non-governmental prizes for their successful achievements:
Employees, awarded by governmental organizations
Awards from Ministry of Mining
“Banner miner”
1. Unenbat.Sh, Technological Engineer of T12 plant
2. Battumur.T, Operator of stemming truck of T12 plant
3. Nyamaa.L, Driller
“Honorary credential”
1. Ganzorig.B, Blasting Engineer
“Honorary credential” from the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry
1. Batsaikhan.J, Electrician
Awards from the Mongolian Youth Federation
“Leading young engineer”
1. Munkhbuyan.G, Technological Engineer of T12 plant
2. Khuangan.K, Blasting and Drilling Engineer
“Miner’s fame”
1. Ariunjargal.S, Drilling master and mechanic
2. Ankhbayar.B, Operator of stemming truck
3. Khosbayar.B, Operator of stemming truck
“Gold medal for leading young employee”
1. Unurtsetseg.E, Human resource specialist
2. Bayanmunkh.E, Blaster
3. Erdenebulgan.A, Driller

Employees, awarded by “MERA” LLC

Best manager:
1. Dulamsuren.J, Head of Occupational Safety and Quality Department
Best employees:
1. Rendorj.A, Driller
2. Oyuntamir.D, Blasting and Drilling Engineer
Leading employees:
1. Odbayar.O Safety Officer
2. Undram.S, Manager of Trade and Marketing Department
3. Buyanjargal.A, Chemist and Technologist
Career growing employees:
1. Munkhnyam.O, Electrician and Plumber of T11 plant
2. Tuvshintulga.O, Driller
3. Batbold.T, Warehouse officer of T12 plant
Best and pioneer employee:
1. Batsaikhan.G, Plumber and Welder of T12 plant